About InfluenceMap

InfluenceMap is an independent think tank that provides data and analysis on how business and finance are affecting the climate crisis. We place great importance on evidence-based assessment using reliable data and rigorous methodologies.

Our work is used extensively by powerful actors in finance, business, campaigns, policymaking, and the media to drive meaningful change. InfluenceMap is philanthropically funded and based in London, with offices in Tokyo and New York.  


Japan business lobby denies climate change sabotage claim

Keidanren director Masami Hasegawa says decarbonisation is not the only goal that matters

Fed Corporate Bond Buying Opens Up Debate Over Climate Stance

Critics say oil-and-gas industry shouldn’t benefit from bond purchases; central bank says it is avoiding picking winners and losers

InfluenceMap testifies before Senate Democrats

InfluenceMap Executive Director Dylan Tanner outlines how fossil fuel vested interests continue to hold back urgently needed US climate change policy.

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Big Oil's Real Agenda on Climate Change

The oil majors have spent over $1Bn since Paris on narrative capture, climate branding, and lobbying on climate change.

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